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How To Use A Virtual Assitant!

Administrative & Executive Assistant

Social Media Management

Customer Support

Project Management

Sales & Lead Generation

Specialized Services

Literally any job position that is virtual!

What Does The S.O.S. Team Do?

Find Your Dream Canidate: You avoid looking through 100's of resumes! We have canidates who are in our Ultimate Virtual Assistant training program ready to work for you and have portfolios for showcase their skills.

You Have Options: You will receive 2 strong canidates to choose from. All we ask is that you do the final interview to determine who fits your company the best! If you want both, we offer a discount for the 2nd virtual assistant.

Are You New To Delegating? Don't worry! Our HR Team will hold your hand through the process and explain each step in-depth.

What if who we hire does not work out?

You have a 30 day virtual assistant replacement guarantee! If you virtual assistant doesn't show up, isn't grasping the job, or just isn't the right fit - we will find you a replacement up to 2 times.

Do I need anything special for them to start?

You receive emails along the whole process letting you know your next steps.

What if I need help being the CEO?

You will receive forever access to a CEO group where you can ask all the questions you have.

Does my virtual assistant have any ongoing support?

Your virtual assistant that is hired through our company, will receive access to a group to connect with other virtual assistants and our trainers!

We do have an annual membership that you can gain access to for a small commitment if you want to join a community that supports entrepreneurs that have virtual assistants, 180 days of

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