we are your
hr team.

We Connect Business Owner to Assistant.
We Do Payroll.
We Replace, If Needed.
You Focus on Your Business.

Delegate with Confidence

Every virtual assistant is hired specifically for you & your business.
While we are recruiting, you work on documenting what you need delegated so this is a smooth process!
We provide you with onboarding material for you to customize for your new assistant.
You focus on scaling & we focus on handing payroll, monthly reviews, and the "people" side of your staff.
our package

  • Full-Time Only: We Love Long-Term Relationships & Found Full-Time Has Less Turnover
  • Ongoing Training: All Assistants Have Foundational Training For Your Business
  • ​Our Virtual Assistants Work with ONLY You: We Believe in Work/Life Balance
  • ​Treat Them As Your Team, We Are Just Extra: Decrease Turnover With Support
  •  Delegate Your Day Workshop & Template: We Give you Specific Instructions on How to Delegate, Choose What to Delegate & Where You Can Assign Administrative Tasks
  • ​We Replace, If Needed: The Wrong Match Happens, We Want To Find You The Right Person
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