What is included?

  • Personality Test: We have gathered research based on our best assistants hired for busy CEOs. From that research we have created the ideal assistant profile
  • ​Onboarding Packet: We know it can seem like work to get someone hired, we are confident you will have everything you need to get set up.
  • Two (2) Qualified Candidates: The final decision is up to you, each candidate comes with notes & our opinions. 

30 Day Guarantee
If for any reason your virtual assistant does NOT work out, we will replace their position up to 2 times!

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When I started working in the online space, I immediately became obsessed with my virtual assistants! Actually, my first hire is still with The S.O.S. Advantage to this day, 6 years later...

I thought EVERYONE needed an assistant because she impacted my life in ways I could never imagine. When I was having health problems; she scheduled my grocery shopping, car washes, cleaners,. took care of tasks I just could NOT get to.

When I was tight on money, she searched YouTube high & low to learn how to build what we needed to grow the business. The loyalty remained no matter where I was in life & business. (Yes, I always paid her - because that is what a CEO does in good & bad times)

As I told me friends about how much she has helped me, they all wanted virtual assistants! We went out on a hunt to find someone that can do the. job post, interviews, hiring and onboarding. 

When I started to hear what people would or wouldn't do - I realized there was a huge barrier of entry between money (often more than double what I was paying in salary), length contracts (the virtual assistant doesn't work for you, they work for the agency you hired), and all the meetings that had to take place to hire the virtual assistant.

I wanted it simple & straight to the point for my friends & not my clients. 
  • You tell us what you want/need
  • We do the work & bring you the 2 most qualified candidates
  • You tell us who you want to hire & if you want both we can make that work too! (This happens more often than you would think)

How It Works

After you payment you will receive a detailed survey asking what you are looking for, your non-negotiables & about your business

We then go search for your dream team member!

*If you want them to do a test, we get that test done too!

Our trained Human Resources team [HR] will interview & take detailed notes of the conversation. Once we choose the top 2 candidates - you get to interview!

After your interview you can choose 1 of the 2 OR if none were the perfect fit, we go back to searching for the perfect virtual assistant for you!


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